Reputation Maxx Reveals New Strategies for Online Reputation Management

Feb 26, 2014 by

Reputation Maxx is revealing some new strategies for an effective online reputation management campaign. Reputation Maxx is a leading online reputation management firm and public relations firm all-in-one.

1. Protect Your Employees
When it comes to effective online reputation management for your company, make sure to protect your executives and employees as well. When it comes to disgruntled former employees or unhappy customers, some will go to any length to trash your company’s reputation and even your own reputation. Protection from this should come in the form of setting up profile and social media sites for each executive and employee. Employees, and anyone for that matter, should always own domains with their names in it. Keep these sites up-to-date with what you’re doing, updated resumes, pictures and more to ensure that these sites are high-ranking. It is also important for employees to keep their LinkedIn profiles up-to-date and operational.

2. Develop Your Social Media Accounts
It is not enough to just HAVE a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media profile. It is necessary to develop these profiles, engage with users, clients, and even others in your industry and publish relevant content. Reputation Maxx shares that social media accounts are the perfect avenue to share press releases and other news about you and your company.

Reputation Maxx shares that there is much more to an effective online reputation management campaign. For more information on effective and time-tested ORM strategies, contact Reputation Maxx today.

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